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Email Marketing
100 contacts onlyNo limits
Marketing automation engine
1 campaignNo limits
Weekly data onlyNo limits
Contact management
100 contacts onlyNo limits
Marketing segmentation
3 segments onlyNo limits
Landing Pages
2 landing pages onlyNo limits
A/B testing
Email builder
Web page builder
Detailed analytics
Weekly activity onlyReal time
Form builder
3 active formsNo limits
Lead scoring
Goal conversion tracking
1 goalNo limits
Site speed and page speed
Measure time spent on your website by visitors
360 visitor profile
Analytics for ecommerce
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We have been using Flexidot for a while now for email marketing. I am impressed with its ease of use and the comprehensive benefits. Our marketing person now spends 1/10th of her time that she used to earlier, with much better results.

Marlon S. Butler, CEO of Bulter Paralegel ServicesSan Antonio TX

We have tried so many email marketing and marketing automation tools in the past. Each of them left us disappointed. Some of them required too much setup while others did not provide all the tools that we needed. Flexidot has everything and is easy to use. Within 15 minutes, we were able to hook it up to our website and get reports and send emails to visitors. It really does provide 360 view of visitors to turn them into customers.

Angela Berg, Owner Superlative Cookies, Lexington, KY

Once we setup Flexidot, we knew exactly know many visitors were coming to our website, and what pages they were interacting with. We turned our old-fashioned forms into auto-responders, and implemented drip campaign strategies. This helped increase the number of signups to our email list by 200%. Worth every penny.

Michael Leary, Owner Waccamaw Pottery, New Ellenton, SC